Corporate Wellness Podcast Features Dr. David Berg on Bringing Common Sense Back to Healthcare

November 17, 2016 By Redirect Health

Dr. Kevin Christie, sports chiropractor turned office and corporate wellness advocate and host of The Modern Desk Jockey podcast, shares his view on how “[health Insurance] is such a big business that it can feel like a train coming at you.” Redirect Health co-founder Dr. David Berg knows how to change that. As he says, “if you want to stop the train from coming at you, get off the tracks.”

Following that strategy, Redirect Health disrupts the healthcare system entirely. Tired of playing the insurance game, Dave and his partner Paul Johnson came up with a new way to help employers provide their people with the healthcare they really need and want, at a price they can afford. Listen to the podcast here to learn how Redirect Health cut the complexity, confusion and waste out of healthcare using a common-sense approach and putting the actual care first.

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